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            the sims 

allow me to reminisce...

i was nine years old when the first sims came out. i don't think i asked for it or even knew what it was, somebody just gave it to me. and truly, what a mistake on their part because my god, after i popped it into the disc drive it overtook my life for years to come.

i get why i liked it so much. like every kid, i felt like i had no control over my life. life was just an endless list of rules-- "go to school", "be in bed by 8", "no you're not getting (insert toy), (insert elaborate vacation), (insert age-inappropriate thing)!". with this game, my my how the turntables! "oh yeah, mom? well now i'm in charge of a whole family! whole NEIGHBORHOODS! i can make them FABULOUSLY WEALTHY, or just MURDER THEM!"

yeah i wasn't immune to a game of "sims survivor".....

i can still hear my parents screaming for me to get off the computer and do chores or touch grass or just anything in the real world. there were days where i had that game running for 12 hours straight! i loved the music, the fun objects, the detailed backstories on all the characters, the insane NPCs. i shudder to think how many months worth of time i've spent playing each iteration of the sims. by far though, the most time i spent was playing the sims 1 and the sims 2, the ones that were released when i was most often trapped in my bedroom.

now that i'm an actual adult who can decorate the inside of my apartment as weird and colorful as i want, leave my house at all hours of the day and night, befriend whoever and hear all the salacious gossip of who's making out with who, i play the sims a lot less. even though i still have 1 and 2 and boot them up from time to time, it's lost some of the magic i remember it having when i was young. so instead, this page serves as a little shrine to my most well-loved and most-played game of all time.

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