an assortment of things

library genesis - hundreds of thousands of user-collected book PDFs
(where i have found literally 95% of all my textbooks)

radio garden - listen to radio stations from all over the world
(on an interactive globe!)

the weaving loom - tutorials for ppl into lap loom weaving
(admittedly a bit niche!)

national bail fund network - find where to donate to help ppl get out of jail
(help your community!)

big surf wave pool - poor recordings of my band
(sad horny upbeat gay ocean songs)

quarantine zine club - a collection of e-zines
(made during quarantine!)

girl and queer bands - a collection of cool bands
(with girls and queers)

dolphin64 - neocities
(it's just fun!)

trashparadise - neocities
(also just fun!)

will add more sometime!!

also this is an actual background i had on my myspace at one point. what a chaotic choice.