learning things

library genesis - free PDFs of tons of books

sci hub - free PDFS of academic papers

12ft.io - use this to bypass the paywall on any news article

japanese verb conjugator - just what it says

reverso context tool - language translation with verious phrases for context

fun things

pinball map - a crowdsourced map of public pinball machines

atlas obscura - find some weird places to visit

radio garden - listen to radio stations from all over the world

ponnopozz - for fans of colorful art and knick knacks

the weaving loom - tutorials for people into lap loom weaving

woo-woo things

cafe astrology - all sorts of info, but i like their weekly reports

astro seek - easy look at the current planets, really in-depth natal charts and synastry reports, and numerology

chani nicholas - great for written astro insights for the full/new moon and other transits

the tarot guide - my favorite place for looking up card meanings

tarot dot com (astro section) - i like their breakdown of the different planets and transits

neocities things

bonnibel's graphics collection - a bunch of old gifs

javascript effects - cursor effects n things

cursors 4 u - more cursors

image resizer - resize images without losing quality

remove white background - just what it says

quarantine zine club - a collection of e-zines

girl and queer bands - a collection of cool bands