do you remember? ✿

april 5th, 2019: hello world

april 6th, 2019: taylor made me scrambled eggs at 3am and they were delicious

april 7th, 2019: walked in the rain wearing all pink and felt hopeful

april 8th, 2019: made a new diary - sky blue, ocean blue, orange, lite pink, + pink pink

april 9th, 2019: cried silently with my ex at a bar for more reasons than we could say

april 10th, 2019: a reminder that queer ppl can be inconsiderate and immature too

april 11th, 2019: god bless reality tv and getting b*ked with your pals

april 12th, 2019: lived my alt str8 girl fantasy and went to a speakeasy with a hot art bro

april 13th, 2019: sometimes you let the little things slide for way too long

april 14th, 2019: i forgot to wear earplugs at the show and now everything is too loud

april 15th, 2019: got asked to play a show with GRLwood in wisconsin next month and !!!

april 16th, 2019: i think the bartender at [redacted] has realized it's my first date bar

april 17th, 2019: h*rny, but for feeling respected and cared for

april 18th, 2019: forgot how stressful it is to throw a party AND be gay at the same time

april 19th, 2019: had every intention of cleaning but watched 3 documentaries about jim henson instead

april 20th, 2019: threw a party and felt thankful for all the strange, sweet people i know

april 21st, 2019: watched the sunrise on the roof of a warehouse downtown after a long, long night

april 22nd, 2019: celebrated my birthday on the beach with poké and good tunes

april 23rd, 2019: can [redacted] please tell me if i got into their grad program so i can plan my life

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