about me ✿


pronouns: she/they

age: 32 (hi old!)

sign: taurus

area: midwest, USA

cat: meatloaf


dating shows - paranormal stories - garage rock - new wave

katamari - tarot - small dogs - bright colors - loud patterns

pinball - astrology - the beach - craft projects - disco


board games - minimalism - medieval settings - deep dish

disney gays - disney itself - business casual - cold weather

all dude bands - greyscale - ranch dressing

let's go girls

favorite colors: rainbow (or pink, turquoise, and purple)

favorite karaoke song: wuthering heights - kate bush

favorite plant: tropical and fake

first word: pickle

first AIM screen name: xfreakiichickx

first crush: dan [redacted], who i learned to play "back in black" on guitar for

last beverage: coffee, heavy cream, sugar

last song i listened to: animal crossing 8am and chill

last lol: cat fell off bed (classic)

last nooo: looking at the outside temp

(last updated: nov. 14th, 2022)

things i do

my band: big surf wave pool (guitar + vocals)

CLLAW: the chicago league of lady arm wrestlers